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Construction Worker

Construction 101

This course is designed for adult English Learners who desire a career in the construction sector. This course includes 4 core components:

Contextualized ESL- provides learners with the industry-specific language they need to communicate effectively on construction sites. This includes terms related to tools, materials, safety protocols, and construction processes.

Digital Literacy- Construction workers need to be digitally literate to use project management software effectively, creating schedules, tracking progress, and managing resources efficiently. Construction teams often work in dispersed locations, and the ability to communicate seamlessly through digital channels is essential for project coordination.

Soft Skills- Construction projects involve collaboration among diverse teams. This classes focuses on effective communication, time management, conflict resolution, adaptability, problem solving and cultural competency for the U.S. workforce.

Technical Skills- provides introduction to hand and power tools, safety techniques, construction math, and construction drawings.



Students may earn the following certificates:
OSHA-10           NCCER certifications       
Northstar Digital Literacy         
CASAS English
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