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Offline Digital Library

Teach by Tech’s offline digital library is a complete single-board computer with a Wi-Fi hotspot and enables content distribution in places where access to the Internet is limited, not affordable, controlled or simply unavailable. Multiple people can connect simultaneously to the library with a smart device and access or download its content; or users can access the embedded projector if no smart device is available. The device is portable, durable and effective.



Key Benefits


Our offline digital library generates its own internal wi-fi which allows users to connect their device to our library and download content making it available at all times, even if internet connectivity is not possible. The device can also be connected physically with cables or cards; or content can be played in real time via our embedded projector. 

The offline digital library can hold 2 terabytes of information in text, audio and video format. New files can be uploaded remotely.



The digital library can be powered using conventional electricity or solar power.

Content can be translated into multiple languages to overcome language barriers.  The offline digital library has a user-friendly interface with buttons instead of words or numbers. This means people of all ages, with zero literacy or numeracy skills, can easily use the device.

Teach by Tech curates and provides access to the appropriate and applicable content for the community served through the library. We aim to improve education and employment opportunities for vulnerable and marginalized groups through increased access to relevant, high quality, affordable learning, skill building and training opportunities for those entering the workforce, transitioning between jobs or facing unemployment. Our offline digital collection, loaded with custom created content overcomes obstacles of time, cost, travel and connectivity that impede continued access to education and training.

For these organizations we offer a credentialing route. Faculty and instructors create industry or academic specific curriculum inclusive of pdf, audio and video files for students to access. 

Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya.

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