Our  Mission:

Teach by Tech aims to empower vulnerable populations, especially women and girls, by using innovative technology to increase the accessibility of business education, entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy proficiency. We equip individuals with the resources they need to attain economic empowerment and realize self-sufficiency.

Our Vision:

Teach by Tech apsires to use mobile technology to bring basic education, entrepreneurial and business education to vulnerable populations of women around the world. Through education and mentoring we will empower women and create a path to financial stability and inclusion for women and their families.

Our Goals:

Improve education by creating education modules specifically designed for the clients needs.

Provide accessibility to education for marginalized populations and increase the number of young women who have economic independence and a path to sustainable futures. 

Foster a community of female mentors who form a network and support group for female entrepreneurs. This group will serve one another in encouragement, business understanding and continuing education. 

Create Partnerships with local organizations to gain understanding of the needs in each community and better assist women in learning.

Empower women and girls to achieve their dreams and believe that change is possible.



Who are We:

Linnie Pawlek: Founder and CEO of Teach by Tech. Linnie has an extensive background in education. She worked in Osaka, Japan as an ESL teacher and spent 4 years teaching ESL, English and Social Studies to junior high students in Colorado. She is currently in her 10th year teaching history at a local community college in Lakewood, CO. Ms. Pawlek holds a MA in History from the University of Colorado and a MA in International Development from the University of Kent in Brussels, Belgium. It is through her passion for learning and recognition of inequalities that led Linnie to create Teach by Tech.


Andrew Pawlek: CTO and Platform Engineer of Teach by Tech. Andrew graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has worked as web designer, software engineer, Q & A specialist and game designer. Andrew understands the need for innovative use of current technology to make effective and sustainable change.