2020 Census Information

New American Neighbors is a project that provides actionable information for refugee families using videos and social media. All the videos are hosted by a trusted member of their community who presents important information in their own language. The New American Neighbors videos for the 2020 U.S. Census are complete and posted!

Here is the link to the channel.
Each individual video has its own terrific host as follows:
Amharic - Haregewoin Weledmariam: https://vimeo.com/428325698
Arabic - Mohamed Juma: https://vimeo.com/428328102
Burmese - Ka Paw Htoo: https://vimeo.com/428330584
Dari - Aurangzaib Sharifi: https://vimeo.com/428332170
French - Georgette Mabi: https://vimeo.com/428334136
Karen - Ka Paw Htoo: https://vimeo.com/428335807
Nepali - Asbi Mizer: https://vimeo.com/428337238
Pashto - Aurangzaib Sharifi: https://vimeo.com/428339554
Somali - Farduus Ahmed: https://vimeo.com/428341365
Tigrigna - Abdu Jemil: https://vimeo.com/428553234

Because many households have not yet completed the Census form, please consider linking the Vimeo site to your own website and social media.